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Mind The Gut + personal coaching

A comprehensive 6 week programme to master the art of vibrant midlife through gut-friendly and anti-inflammatory way of eating and living.

You will never have to wonder again what to do to support your midlife metabolism, digestion, immune system, energy levels and overall sense of wellbeing.

What you'll get:

🔸4 personal coaching sessions with Olga 

🔸6 weekly modules with easy to digest video lessons (recorded, so you can watch them in your own time)

🔸my gut & metabolism healing framework (used with 1:1 clients)

🔸private community for daily inspiration and support

🔸fortnightly live Q&A sessions in zoom

🔸MIND THE GUT cookbook with enough recipes to feed the whole family

🔸BONUS made-for-you meal plan for those who want to gain a better understanding of portion control

🔸 a recorded fermentation workshop

🔸worksheets, guides & checklists

🔸testing & supplement recommendations 

🔸12 months access to the course contents & updates

Don't put off living your life to the fullest any longer. Let's do this together!


The Mind the Gut program has been such an eye opener and really transformational for me. My menopausal symptoms have pretty much disappeared aside from the odd hot flush now and again (as opposed to several a day). Affordable and given with such love and nurturing support. I have tons of energy and have finally stepped off the sugar train that held me hostage for so long. (You can have sugar, just at the right time!) No guilt, no judgements, the whole program, the recipes, the support, the Facebook group of likeminded women...all just absolutely amazing. Thank you Olga. This isn't just a program, these habits will change your life.


"So interesting, informative & really has changed what & how I eat! I'm feeling the best I have in such a long time, and I lost a stone & 6lbs which was an added bonus! Was such a joy to do it with you all!"


Thank you again Olga for a truly magnificent course. Your teaching skills are just perfection for me. I love your ethos of zero judgement and passing on knowledge with such kindness and joy. MTG (and the liver course in sept) has had a HUGE and positive impact on my life. It’s incredible to finally at the age of 47 to really understand how to take care of myself and nourish my body and heal. It’s absolutely life changing in the most positive and wonderful way. I cannot thank you enough Olga!