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From Olga:

To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone.



Who This Programme is For? Any woman...

🔶 who feels that her body is in need of a small reset

🔶 who feels tired and lacking energy ALL THE TIME

🔶 whose doctor has expressed concern over her cholesterol or blood sugar levels

🔶 whose weight won’t shift no matter what she does

🔶 who suffers with PMS, painful & crampy periods

🔶 who suffers with eczema, psoriasis, acne or any other persistent skin conditions

🔶 who suffers from migraines which mostly occur around period or somehow linked to her cycle

🔶 who wants to ensure safe body practices around taking HRT

🔶 who was diagnosed with hypothyroid/Hashimoto’s (as radiant liver health is absolutely essential with these conditions)

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I have learned SO MUCH about my liver, food, vitamins, products we use, and what my body likes and doesn’t like. I have also learned how I can take back some power on managing fatigue, which is something that I have been battling with for a while during peri menopause and having to cope with 2/3 week periods. I can’t thank you enough for this, it has been a life changing week for me and I am ever grateful to you. 🤗


Olga, it’s been 3 months since doing your liver programme now and can I just say it’s been nothing but life changing. I’ve so far had 3 painless periods, 3 cycles without migraines. Feeling like there is hope in life! Thank you, thank you!.🙏 💜


I recently had a blood test and I couldn't believe when I saw all of the hormonal ranges fit a very healthy range. This has never happened during my recent checkups, and as a perimenopausal woman I didn't think it would be possible at this stage. I'm incredibly happy to see how all of the changes I've implemented are supporting my health. In particular, focusing on supporting my liver health over the past few months to improve my hormonal balance.


Here is what you will find inside the programme:

✨ 7 modules with mini video lessons, opened every 2 days

✨ Accompanying email instructions & prompts

✨ Private supportive community of like minded women to share the journey

✨ A Recipe Book with delicious liver nourishing dishes & plate constructor

✨ A PDF Guide with key liver supporting methods which includes a Supplements suggestion list

✨ A habits tracker to make implementation of your new routines easier

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  • 7 modules with mini video lessons
  • Accompanying email instructions & prompts
  • Private community of like minded women
  • A Recipe Book with delicious liver nourishing dishes & plate constructor
  • A PDF Guide with key liver supporting methods which includes a Supplements suggestion list
  • A habits tracker to make implementation of your new routines easier

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