A recipe book that can give your metabolism a total reset?

Yes, please!

Learn how to supercharge your dishes to support your gut, boost your digestion and take your energy to another level. 


More than a Cook Book 

What's the secret sauce?

  • can be used as a full gut reset programme
  • full instructions are included in the book
  • a great way to recharge and repair your metabolism 


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Simple Easy Cooking

that requires:

  • No expensive ingredients
  • No fancy gadgets
  • No long hours in the kitchen
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Delicious and Nourishing Dishes

that your whole family will love

  • 70+ recipes of easy and delicious main courses, side dishes and baked goods for a healthy happy gut
  • developed by a Registered Nutritional Therapist
  • who is also a classically trained Le Cordon Bleu chef
  • something to satisfy the widest range of palates
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What customers are saying...

I do believe that you have given me the gift of food. I love delicious food but as weight has crept on and on I bounced about knowing I could do better/should eat less/not eat that etc etc till food had become loaded with negativity or just “don’t care anymore”. So a huge thank you for that!! I lost 6 lbs without trying. I feel more energetic and enthusiastic about caring for myself..”


What surprised me the most is the increase in my energy level. For the first time in a very long time, I actually didn't feel drained all the time, and my energy level returned to its normal !!!! My stomach stopped bothering me and pretty much all of my symptoms of bloating and pain disappeared. I also lost about 6lb , even though I ate more than before . Prior to the program I had to cut out a lot of foods , because they bothered my stomach , it got to a pretty ridiculous point . Now I'm back to normal.


" I feel so much clearer on how to look after myself, areas of confusion are no longer, I have a wonderful repertoire of recipes for self-care, and that are also delicious.


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Olga Bonde

Nutritional Therapist

Apart from holding a Diploma from College of Naturopathic Medicine, mNNA, mGNC, Olga is also a classically trained Le Cordon Bleu chef. She believes that food is a pleasure, fun, joy and should never be anything less than that. Her approach to nutritional therapy is very much gut-centric. So gut health always remains a big part of her work with clients, no matter what health issues or situations are being addressed.

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