"Create your own norm, where you feel strong, radiant and empowered. Where happiness is not a luxury and food is not an enemy."

Olga Bonde

Hi, I'm Olga Bonde

Founder of Olga Bonde Nutrition


This is my Story


Every time I’m presented with a task of sharing who I am, I am not tempted to throw my professional credentials in right away. Rather to say that I’m a woman who helps other women walk back home to themselves. 

I am a Registered Nutritionist (DipCNM, mNNA, mGNC), health coach, lecturer, mother, partner, friend. I help time-short women in their 40s and beyond regain health, energy and glow without burning out or exhausting themselves with faddy trends or unrealistic expectations the world can put on them at times. 

I absolutely love what I do. My favourite part of the job is to help women not settle for what’s presented to them as a midlife norm. But rather create their own norm, where they feel strong, radiant, empowered, where happiness is not a luxury. And food is not an enemy. Losing control over your changing body and hormones can feel scary, I get that. Yet it doesn’t need to be this way. Midlife can be our best and happiest life. And I know how to help you with that.

My practice is rooted in science and a deeply personal approach to every single one of my clients. Because us and our storys deserve to be seen, understood and celebrated. 

Speaking of a personal story, I grew up in a family where the concept of naturopathy and functional medicine approach was the only thing ever known to us. My parents knew too well that our cough doesn’t start in the lungs, headaches have got little to do with the head, nor do skin problems arise from skin itself. My younger days were full of cold water dips, wild herb inhalations, walking barefoot, doing yoga at the crack of dawn and mastering many other ways of looking at our body as a clever interconnected system. And that’s exactly what brought me to practising nutrition, naturopathy and functional medicine decades later. And that’s what stands behind all the successful stories. 

My own arrival to perimenopause was a bit premature and a bit more dramatic than I’d wished for. My body was not able to cope with the aftermath of personal events of loss and grief. So hormones out of whack, weight gain, digestive issues and a damaged thyroid later, I can say that I’ve been there and got the T-shirt (XL size). 

It was, however, this quest for saving my own health that got me to work alongside some of Britain’s most amazing and forward thinking female health doctors and health professionals, and lead to specialising in female health myself.

These days, fully back to optimal radiant health, I am guiding my clients along a healthful path, while being able to relate to their problems on a much deeper level. Being a part of one’s transformation feels hugely rewarding and I am ever so grateful to do what I do.

Educating and igniting joy and interest in food and health is at the heart of Olga Bonde Nutrition. 

I am glad you are here. If you feel like we are a good match – start with booking a free discovery call, we’ll take it from there.

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