Mind the Gut

The only programme for mastering an anti-inflammatory and gut-friendly way of eating and living you'll ever need.


Mind the Gut

The most comprehensive programme for mastering an anti-inflammatory and gut-friendly way of eating and living.



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I've got a lot to tell you about the programme but first let's talk about who this is for...

Mind the Gut is a 6 week programme for any woman who wants to live her life to the fullest, not being disturbed by health issues that tend to pop up as we transition into midlife.

Whether you'd want to...

✨ have better, stable mood consistently, no matter the weather

✨ gain control over your energy levels

✨ lose weight (if that is a part of your success story)

✨ go through winter without catching a single cold

✨ have glowing skin and painless joints free from chronic conditions

✨ not feel heavy & bloated by the end of the day

✨ have a clear understanding of what foods are good for you & your body

✨ say yes to enjoying food without hesitation

✨ sleep like a baby (a chilled one) at night

✨ attend social gatherings without risk of embarrassing digestive symptoms (if you know, you know)


You are in the right place!

The only implementation programme of its kind that not only teaches you the WHY behind symptoms you are experiencing but also tells you HOW to improve them. 

Mind the Gut programme will give you the tools, inspiration and exceptional support on your path to vibrant Midlife. 

By the end of this programme you will have...

Better understanding of what stands behind your symptoms

We're talking inflammation here. How it manifests in your body and how it is linked to your gut. Also, how your gut rules the rest of your body systems. You’ll know how to recognise inflammation and the best way to eat to lower it without cutting your favourite foods out for good.

Mastery of your digestive

system & metabolism

No hardcore science. Only fun, simple and easy to grasp concepts. You'll learn why things that used to work for your body do not work the same way anymore. And how to be smart around your changing body to achieve the results you are after. 

Better relationship with food

You will learn how to not look at food through good or bad lens. But rather how to be smart around food and make it work for your radiant health using principles of positive nutrition. Life is so much easier this way!

Fun of a live fermentation workshop

Here you'll learn how to make some of the most delicious & simple ferments and super easy pickles in your own kitchen. So not just your personal plate but entire family can benefit from them.

Total kitchen confidence

(I promise it's easy)

I’ll share with you my weekly shopping and meal prep tips, as well as batch cooking techniques, tips on how to optimise your kitchen flow, so daily cooking takes up an absolute minimum of your time. And you will never be short of ideas.

Futureproof plan of action

By the end of the programme you will know HOW to look after your gut health like a pro. Daily steps and practices to implement everything you've learned while living your life the way you like it!

But Most Importantly...

You will master the art of Gut Health. 

You will never have to wonder again what to do to support your digestion, immune system, energy levels and overall sense of wellbeing.

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Without Further Ado, Introducing...



Here is what you will get inside the programme:

🔸6 weekly modules with easy to digest video lessons (recorded, so you can watch them in your own time)

🔸my gut healing framework (based on hundreds of 1 : 1 clients I coached and taught)

🔸weekly live sessions where we get together and you can ask any questions

🔸private community for daily inspiration & support

🔸GUT LOVING RECIPE book with 60+ recipes to feed the whole family(&there will be more along the way)

🔸BONUS made-for-you meal plan for those, who want to take things even further and gain better understanding of portion control

🔸 live fermentation workshop

🔸workbook, guides & checklists

🔸testing & supplement recommendations 

🔸12 months access to the course contents & all updates

Our Journey Together

6 weeks, 30 Janury - 12 March

There are 6 modules with easy-to-digest and implement videos, released weekly.

Welcome Module

We are starting, hurray! And will begin with some housekeeping info. I'll explain how to navigate the programme and what to expect in the weeks ahead. You will also get access to a course workbook, habits tracker and Mind The Gut cookbook. And we'll have a chat about the best ways to use all of those.

Module 1

Rethinking Your Plate.

I’ll teach you easy ways of putting together anti-inflammatory & gut friendly plates of food. You’ll learn about sources of inflammation in diet & lifestyle, and how to reduce them. You'll know how to recognise the signs of inflammation and the best way to eat to lower it without cutting your favourite foods out. Supplements, testing, dietary & lifestyle changes to lower inflammation will also be covered.

Module 2

Mind the Gut!

Let me walk you through your whole digestive system. No hardcore science, I promise! Only fun, simple and easy to grasp concepts, so once and for all you’ll get a very clear understanding of how things work in your body. What to pay attention to and what to do to make all parts sing in tune with each other. You’ll be able to move forward with confidence knowing what's essential for gut health and what can be safely ignored.

Module 3

Why looking after your liver always pays off.

Here we'll dive deep into all things Liver Health, so you can really master all the tricks of looking after this body's essential organ that's responsible for not only your whole digestive system and gut but also your skin, energy levels, healthy stable hormones and metabolism in general.

Module 4

Midlife Metabolism Unlocked.

This module is fully dedicated to female midlife metabolism. What exactly is happening with your body in midlife. How & why your body is different from what it used to be 10 years ago. I’ll share with you simple working strategies for regaining control over your changing body. So you can move forward with full confidence that you are doing the right things for yourself. While wearing clothes you want to wear, not just the ones that fit you.

Module 5

Putting the Puzzle Together.

Now we’ve touched on all the areas of gut health, this module is about bringing it all together. So by the time you finish watching it and close your computer down you’ll have a very clear and comprehensive plan of action on HOW to look after your gut health like a pro. Daily steps and practices to implement while living your life the way you like it. Easy!

Bonus Module

Fermentation Workshop.

Taught live so we can cook together (+ recording available straight after if you prefer to do things in your own time), where I will teach you some of the most delicious & simple ferments & gut loving pickles you can make at your kitchen table. We’ll make 5-6 different recipes that will easily become a part of your family meals bringing benefit not just to you but to all members of your family.

Exercise Module

Movement and breath to aid your nervous and digestive systems. 

Here you will find a number of 5-20 mins exercises recorded by by guest teacher Julie Hall. Julie is a wonderful yoga and Pilates teacher. Julie has recorded yoga, Pilates and relaxation sequences to help you bulletproof your gut & body healing success.

Resources Module

Everything You'll Need for the Programme

Inside there is a collection of materials you’ll need for successful completion of the programme: MIND THE GUT Cookbook, your Workbook and a Habits tracking sheet, as well as other helpful materials.

Extra Bonus Module

Come Cook with Me. (Kitchen Goddess unveiled)

This one is a very practical module.  I’ll share with you my shopping list & tips and my favourite easily available items that can transform any casual plate of food into a very exciting dish (not just visually but from a nutritional point of view!) I’ll share with you my weekly meal prep tricks, batch cooking techniques and tips on optimising your kitchen flow. So that daily cooking takes up an absolute minimum of your time. And you will never be short of ideas.

Here are some beautiful words from the previous students...

Ready to join a community of strong, beautiful women dedicated to living their best life?

Now is the time! Let's do this!


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Olga Bonde is a Registered Nutritionist specialising in gut and hormonal health. In her clinic in London she combines the most up-to-date science with an all round wholistic approach to help women achieve their most radiant health.
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